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Li Jun, who put his wife picked up after dawn, open to the Ming and Li Chun Xiao Wu Xintao into the bedroom, set off Simmons mattress and found a group newspapers seemed wrapped in something. Wu Xintao open the newspaper group, and the next open both dumbfounded. So this group is a newspaper wrapped in a large gold brick. Took to come get it in the hands of the Ming Dian Ledian open for Wu Xintao said: "Wu Department, which has at least three kilograms." Wu Xintao not said anything, but from the middle out of a paper newspaper and looked and then handed it to the Ming open.[Santa Clarita]

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The Mayor Ray Road, Deng Jingli, you busy you go, me and several of my kids play, you have no role here.[Richmond]


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The next day, it arrived in Whitewater Xiangyang City, saw Li Donghua, decided to let the matter to the next open ascertain responsibility. [Lubbock]

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Telephone communication, Li Donghua roughly speaking about the situation, and to meet the requirements and Xia Jing. Xia Jing then have to work, and to Ming Li Donghua about to open in a coffee shop. Beijing's official reception subordinate is generally not met in this case. Sunny and quiet due to the summer when the students are Beijing Normal University, and thus from Zhou Xiangyang hometown is full of intimacy. Meanwhile, she and sunny mutual understanding, she would never believe Sunningdale bribes. Li Donghua, etc. In order to relax and deliberately choose such an informal setting.[Jersey City]

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